Your MAGES Real Estate agency


Your MAGES Real Estate agency

Our mission

Our mission is to provide you with a state-of-the-art real estate service at a fair and equitable price.

At MAGES, no excessive fees based on a percentage of the price of your property! We opt for fixed and transparent prices, thus, we demonstrate the same rigor for each case.

We want everyone wishing to sell or rent their property to have access to the services of a knowledgeable professional because too often, unfortunately, when they embark alone in that journey, they lose time and money.

Our vision

For each project, we offer an irreproachable service, both on the technical aspect, with our tools such as professional photography, video, virtual visit and the creation of plans, as well as on the relational level, with our benevolent and helpful approach.

Our desire is to be as close as possible to you during the process so that you can be informed of the progress of your sale or rental, which shows how important you are to us.

Our customers remain at the top of our priorities and we work hard to develop a long-term relationship with them, based on trust and authenticity.

We are available and at your disposal to best defend your interests and thus enable you to carry out your life projects.

Our history

Specialized since several years in the sale and rental of real estate in the Brussels capital region and more specifically in the European district, Christophe Magalhaes Vilela created MAGES Real Estate in January 2022. Christophe puts people at the heart of his process in order to be as close as possible to its customers and to bring you all his experience and dynamism everyday.

Some landmarks

Christophe starts his career in real estate. He joined a commercial real estate agency in Avignon, France.
Arrived in Belgium and started in residential real estate in an agency in Etterbeek, in the heart of the European district.
Promotion to the post of manager of the rental department.
Certification by the Professional Institute of Real Estate agents, IPI 514.355.
With his experience in real estate and his knowledge of the Brussels market, Christophe creates MAGES Real Estate.